Dayna and Siena in the Farm Store

Dayna and Siena in the Farm Store

We are open from 10-4 on Saturdays, all year! Expect maybe if it’s a holiday in the middle of winter…then you should check back here to see if we will be around or shoot an email to

The Farm Store is located right next to the dairy barn.  Its in the same parking lot so when the cows are in you can say hello or as we like to say, meet your milk.  It’s a tiny little space but its full of goodies. Come check us out. 


Raw Milk fresh from our grass based herd of Jersey’s and Holsteins.  Raw Milk from grass fed cows is a nutrient dense food, because we have Jersey's and Holsteins our milk is creamy and rich.  It is available in half gallon and quart sizes.

We offer Farmstead Cheeses from our very own Chaseholm Farm Creamery. Chaseholm Camembert, Moonlight, Stella Vallis, Alphage, Queso Blancos and Farmers Cheeses.

Remedy Farm vegetables and herbs are grown by Jordan, one of our resident cow grrrls.   Jordan grows 1.5 acres of produce in the Chaseholm fields, so as the season progresses you can expect to find some of her fresh veggies and herbs in the store. By mid-summer 2015 look for dried culinary and medicinal herbs perfect for at-home remedies or adding local flavor to favorite dishes.

Ground and Stew Beef are available as well- these are from cows raised in our grass intensive system who end up being better beef cows than dairy cows.   Because our beef comes from dairy genetics however, we grind all of the top cuts (besides the coveted loin!) making a superior ground beef product.  Plus its grass fed!

We also raise milk-fed hogs who do double duty for us and spend their lives rooting around in our woods to make a more open space for the cows in winter and in years to come. 

As we grow as a business we intend to offer other treats in the store.   Maple Syrup, Organic Coffee, Local Honey, Pork, Lamb, Salumi, Granola and Jams are a few examples!  We’d love to be your farmers!  The Store is open on Saturday’s from 10-4 and by Appointment.  Call or email to place an order or arrange a visit.  We’d love to have you meet your milk.