First, Let’s Talk about WhY Our Pigs Are sPeciAL

We raise heritage breed hogs on pasture. We rotate them and offer them whey from our creamery alongside a local Non-GMO hog ration.

—let’s unpack that…

  • Pastured: Our pigs are raised on pasture, this means that they spend their lives outside. They get to eat grass, dig in the soil, forage for bugs, nuts, mushrooms and other earthly delicacies.

  • Rotated: This means that we rotate our pigs on pasture. If left in one place too long pigs will damage the area. Their natural rooting behavior is like plowing a field! We rotate our pigs so that they benefit from fresh grass and so that the paddock they leave behind can benefit from much needed rest and rejuvenation without the impact of pigs. They spend about two weeks in each area.

  • Heritage Breed: You’ve probably heard this one before. Heritage breeds are livestock breeds developed by early European agriculturalists and adapted to small scale farming. We used to have a lot more genetic diversity in our domesticated breeds and each distinct breed was specialized. Industrial hog farming has favored a few breeds and has left some oldies but goodies in the dust. Our pigs are Tamworth/Berkshire crosses. Tamworths are known for performing well outdoors and lean and fine grained meat. Berkshires are prized for the juiciness and tenderness of their meat as well as its fine marbling.

  • Whey-fed: Whey is a by-product from cheesemaking. As a dairy farm with a creamery we have access to tons of the stuff. The pigs love it for it’s flavor and we love it because it adds extra protein into their diet. Having this much whey puts dairy farm pork into it’s own special category. Whey fed pork has a lovely flavor and our customers rave about it!

  • Non-GMO: We buy our hog grain from Stone House Farm in Livingston, NY. It is a local, non-GMO hog feed. Stone House is another farm that is working with nature to improve our soils and sequester carbon and it feels right to support their effort with our own.



We price our animals per pound of hanging weight. We expect each hog to come in near 200lbs but there will be some range of weights. 180lbs-220lbs is a safe bet.

WHOLE HOG: Your charge is $4.75/lb of hanging weight and an additional $1.00/lb of smoked meat.

Say for example your pig weighed 200lbs then you will be paying $950 plus the cost of any smoked meat, which could be perhaps 12 lbs if you ordered both bacon and ham hocks. This adds $12, bringing your total to $962.

There is approximately a 20% loss of weight in the cut and wrap process at the butcher shop. Your 200lb hanging hog will likely turn into 150-160lbs of cut meat. This is an estimate. It varies based on the cut list you provide us with, how many cuts are bone-in vs boneless, how much fat is used to make sausages and so on.

HALF HOG: We charge $5/lb for a half hog plus the same $1/lb of smoked meat. You’ll end up with between 60-80lbs of meat.


How good is this deal? It sounds like a lot of money but you’ve got to think of this as a bulk discount. You are paying ahead for a year of high quality pork savings.

If you were to buy 160lbs of pork in our farmstore this coming year you would be spending somewhere near $1440. This is based on an average retail pork price of $9/lb.

You, bought a whole pig though so your price/lb for the same amount of pork is $6. THAT IS A 44% SAVINGS from RETAIL.

If this all sounds good, click the order button to send me an email and reserve your pork. We expect $200 (check or PayPal) to reserve your order and the remainder can be paid at pick up. Please specify whether you want a whole or half hog (don’t forget you can split it with your friends!) and where you are located. For local customers we will expect a pick-up at the farm in Pine Plains in October 2019. We can arrange a delivery to Brooklyn.

We have a date at the butcher in mid-September 2019 so get your order’s in soon. Once we hear from you we can send you a cut sheet so that you can decide exactly what you want from your hog.

What our customers are saying…

“The pork from Chaseholm is among the most delectable we have ever tasted. The flavor is absolutely incredible and the meat is very tender. I also love the tradition (as in Prosciutto di parma and Parmigiano) of the pigs eating the whey from a creamery. You can really taste the difference!”

-Corinna, Red Hook

“When I think of a good quality meat, I think of one that requires little preparation but still will taste amazing. This is what you get when you purchase meat from Sarah and the Chaseholm Farm Family.

Recently I got half a pig from Sarah’s farm, and WOW. Every bit of the pork we’ve had has been some of the best pork me and my family have tasted. The bacon just melts in your mouth and the pork chops just taste of pure comfort. Anyone we’ve shared her pork with has also been impressed with the taste and quality.

Our family will continue to get our pork and diary products from Chaseholm Farm, because we know that this farm does it right. Happy well taken care of animals, make for great tasting products that you just want to keep on the table for your family. 

Thank you Sarah and the rest of Chaseholm Farm for all of your hard work and dedication for what you do.”

-Allie, Gallatin