It is exciting to offer our milk, meats and cheeses along with the story of our family, this land and our farming practices. Our relationship to the land is built on principles of sustainable agriculture; we graze our herd 8-9 months of the year and we supplement their feed with homegrown forages. In Summer 2017 we certified Organic and 100% Grass-Fed though we have been operating with out grain since 2015 and we've been managing the farm with organic practices since 2013. We believe that the quality of our milk is deeply related to the quality of our soil and the life that it can support, bacterial, fungal, herbaceous and animal. Our process of turning our farmstead milk into the finest cheeses gives us a chance to see our product from pasture grass to Camembert, our attention guiding it all the way. We aim to continue the family farm and a tradition of agriculture in this place while making products that honor both the body and the farm as living organisms and promote their good health. We have a little farm store that we'd love to invite you to check out! We want you to get to know us and our animals while you enjoy the food we make for you.  We like to encourage people to come over and meet their milk!