Meatball soup with winter squash : from Jordan

We've been experimenting with many winter soups, using what we have left on the farm for nourishment and warmth on these cold days :)

~ Make a big pot of bone broth. I use the crock pot and mix longer cow bones with some more cartilage-full joint bones from chicken. Bones from a soup hen would work great. I add apple cider vinegar at the beginning, simmer for 10-20 hours (to get a truly mineral rich stock!) , cool and skim off fat from top of cold broth (this fat gets damaged during long boiling and is best removed). Bone broth on its own is a great winter tonic – full of electrolytes and collagen for keeping skin and bones and digestive tract healthy.

~ thaw roasted red peppers (frozen from summer). These add sweetness but are totally not necessary for a delicious soup – Any veg is great!

~ Heat bone broth with bay leaves, rosemary, onions and garlic if desired, turmeric and sea salt to taste.

~ Make meatballs - I use a combination of ground beef and veal, grated carrots, hot sauce, frozen/thawed basil, salt. An egg helps it stay together but isn’t necessary. mix by hand, form into balls and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

~ I put two strips of bacon in the oven with the meatballs for extra flavor.

~ peel and chop winter squash into thin slices (any winter squash works great)

~ add squash and peppers to soup stock, simmer 10 minutes.

~ add meatballs to soup stock, chop bacon into small pieces and add to soup stock. simmer 20 minutes.

~ at the last minute add several cups of chopped greens if available.

~ salt to taste

~ Serve with an additional spoonful of coconut oil, butter or cultured cream in each bowl