Über Ethical Rose Veal . We keep our bull calves and raise them to four months mostly on milk (sometimes directly from their mothers, sometimes from a nipple bucket/bottle) with the addition of forages (hay or grass depending on the season) as their rumens develop. This is a natural diet for a calf and lends to healthy development. We make sure we are providing the most nutritious food possible as to produce the most nutritious meat. They are never fed any GMOs, unlike conventional veal. Because our calves eat milk, forage and move more, the veal we produce is different from the very light colored, intentionally bland veal that has been available in most grocery stores. It is a light pink, rosey color, with a rich flavor that is milder than older beef and so very tender.  The recent history of eating veal is complicated but understanding it and considering our sustainable, ethical and nutrient dense alternative will be a scrumptious addition to your locally-centered diet.  

We sell Veal through Marbled Meat Shop in Cold Spring, NY.  Call for availability.

Ground and Stew Beef - these are from cows raised in our grass intensive system. Because our beef comes from dairy cows, we grind all of the top cuts (besides the coveted loin!) making a superior ground beef product.  Plus its grass fed!