Ham Hack

for more Sausage Back

Sausages are one of the most popular things to get back as a part of your whole or half hog. Because I am sending lots of hogs and not just the one you are buying we will be able to meet the 25# minimum for each spice mix. What you need to do is tell the butcher which cuts you want to have allocated to sausages.

I usually have the hams turned into sausage. Ham can be a nice meal for a special occasion but sausages are super versatile and you can use them any day. I think it’s a better bang for your buck.

Pork Chop

RIb Chop/Loin Chop

I have some specific feelings about pork chops. I like the smaller ones that look like a cross cut of the tenderloin. (Or that’s what they look like to me.) They are called rib chops. The loin chops are plate sized and for me they are less lovely and harder to cook. So, I usually as that all of my pork chops come from the rib and that the loin ones are turned into roasts or half roasts and half sausage.

Ask for 1.25” thick chops. 2 per package.



This is a little confusing. The truth is that butts and shoulders are practically the same part of a pig. It’s a misleading way to talk about it. Butt and shoulder roasts are really great for making pulled pork or taco meat. Also delicious sliced but maybe the Loin is best that way. I usually get both of those roasts back boneless and if you want you can also turn some of this into sausage. Depending on how you like it.

My last peice of advice is to say YES to fat back, YES to organs and YES to pigs feet. You’re buying a whole hog so you might as well eat a whole hog. It can all be put to good use and the internet can help you learn how.