We bottle raw milk on the weekends. It can be picked up on Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday.  The farm store is staffed on Saturdays so if you are new to us you should try to come then.  Email or text if you have a specific question or need some help. 

The Farm Store is located right next to the dairy barn.  Its in the same parking lot so when the cows are in you can say hello or as we like to say, meet your milk. 

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Our Products

In addition to our 100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk, we keep the following products on our shelves:

100% Grass-Fed Yogurt is made using our grass-fed whole milk and live probiotic bacteria strains. You'll see a distinctive layer of cream that rises to the top of each container.  

Ground and Stew Beef from cows raised in our grass-intensive system.  

Farmstead Cheeses from our very own Chaseholm Farm Creamery: Chaseholm Camembert, Nimbus, Moonlight, Stella Vallis, Alpage and Farmers Cheeses.

Whey-fed pork from the happy pigs raised in our fields and forests.


Other products from our neighbors

We also stock Maple Syrup, Organic Coffee, Local Honey, Sauerkraut, Salumi, Granola and Jams. Our Farmstore is small, but it is packed full of goodies. Come and check us out!