Chaseholm Farm Creamery was founded in 2007 when Rory Chase returned home to the farm and started making cheese. Rory retrofitted a barn our grandfather built in the early 30s to serve as a Creamery and an Aging Cave.  Since then he has added onto his building to put in a beautiful aging space for his raw milk cheeses that are aged for many months. 


Chaseholm Farm Creamery is one of only a handful of farmstead creamery's in New York.  That means that we are making cheese from milk produced on the same farm it is processed on.  This makes our cheese's a specific reflection of the care that goes into our land and our animals.  The french call the effects of a particular place on the flavors of it's products "terroir".  It was meant originally to refer to wines and I think that cheeses take the concept a step further.  Our soils impact the health of the plants that grow upon it,  our cows eat the plants year round and the ecosystem that those plants help to create in their rumens dictates the characteristics of the milk that their nourishment is turned into. Like most aspects of the farm, this special relationship between cows, their management and the land, is  riddled with deep and complex relationships that overlap and feed into each other. 

Come to the farmstore to find our cheeses or find them at local farmer's markets.