all grass, all year

Grazing cows intensively helps us support the microbial life in the soil, the root systems of our plants and through it all, the health of you and me and our cows.


foods that feed life

We make products that honor both the body and the farm as living organisms and promote their good health. This includes farmstead cheeses, meats from our grass-fed cows as well as raw milk available at the farm. 

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farming is in the family

Chaseholm has a deep family legacy in dairy farming right here, on this soil.  Sarah is the third generation of Chase's to farm here, along with her brother Rory.

Growing up on this farm has shaped who I became, there is truly no place I would rather spend my life.
— Sarah Chase

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small farms survive when their neighbors vote with their food dollars


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Come find our raw milk, cheese and meats, as well as products from other producers in the Hudson Valley. 

Join the winter CSA

Sparrowbush Farm keeps us eating right every winter.  We provide dairy and meat to each full-diet share.

pigs on pasture

Order a WholE HoG

We raise whey-fed/pastured pigs! Order with us and get a great deal on amazing pork.                                        

Come to Burger Night

Once a month in the summer time we host get-togethers at the farm.                                                                                       


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